Configure Hologram Nova with NetworkManager

I am trying to setup my new Hologram Nova with NetworkManager as I want to use it with balena-os.
I am using the following NetworkManager file:






I do not seem to get this to work. I have tried the file on my laptop running ArchLinux and on a raspberry Pi3 running BaleanOS. When I install the raspberryPI with Raspian buster and install the hologram SDK the modem seems to work.
I have not found any information on how to run the Hologram Nova with NetworkManager. Has anyone got experience with that ?
Cheers Thomas

I do not have experience but I might be able to give some information that might be useful. For one when we connect we use this chatscript which executes AT commands:

You might want to try running sudo hologram connect -vv which will make it run in debug mode and print every AT command sent to the modem. We dont really do anything special other than check that the sim is registered and make sure the APN is set but figured that was a good place to start when looking for possible values missing from the configuration file you posted

Thanks for that hint, I have seen that chatscript but I have no Idea what ModemManager / NetworkManager is actually generating from the above configuration.