Confirmation - will Hologram work with LTE-only devices?


I’m looking at using Hologram for connectivity on remote management devices by OpenGear. The current series of devices only support LTE, no 3G. I believe that Hologram should work with LTE, based on the cellular specs, but can anyone confirm for sure?



“LTE” can be a tough and slightly ambiguous term (reference

Do you have a link to the specs of the specific piece of hardware you’re looking at? We might be able to help you from there.


Looks like the device (OpenGear gateway) embeds a Sierra MC7354 modem, which actually shows that it will support both LTE and HSPA/WCDMA/GSM… so I think it should be good regardless!

However, I’d still be curious to know if your services support LTE, or if they max out on the “misnamed” 4G techs (HSPA+/etc.)


We have supported LTE speed connections, you can get more info by contacting

Hologram exists because we felt the low bandwidth IoT market was underserved. Our pay-as-you-go worldwide pricing metered per kB and very low monthly fee ($0.40) has really resonated in the low bandwidth IoT world.

Since starting we’ve found low bandwidth covers the vast majority of IoT projects. Although there has been a number of customers who required high bandwidth. If a project requires high bandwidth there typically needs to be a one-on-one conversation with custom pricing.


Great, thanks!

I actually want LTE for the latency more than the bandwidth - one of my use cases is for remote consoles, where bandwidth requirements are quite low, but latency needs to be decent.