Confused on data usage - PPP, network connect, etc

New to Hologram and cel modems…

I have set up a Hologram Nova on a Rasp Pi and installed the python cli.

  1. The blue light is on. Does that mean there’s already an active data connection that I’m being charged for?
  2. I issued the hologram network connect command to create the PPP connection. Does that START the data connection? (I can clearly access internet assets after this command and could not before this command…)
  3. Does the hologram network disconnect stop all internet access (and billed bandwidth)? I did that yesterday yet I have a spike in data usage around midnight which I don’t understand (and is the reason for my questions.)

Thanks for assistance.

  1. It depends on the modem. On the R410, the blue LED is power
  2. Yes, although some other hologram commands will use data without needing that connection open first.
  3. It deletes the PPP connection and PPP interface so the device won’t have a direct connection to the internet, but you can still use data if you were to do something like hologram send test. That creates a data connection internal to the modem itself.

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