Connect Hologram to SDR like HackRF


Can I setup Hologram to use a SDR setup as a 2G base station to interface through for testing?


I’m not qualified to answer this definitively but the general answer is “most likely not advised”.

The laws differ based on what country you’re in but generally only licensed providers are allowed to setup SDRs in controlled air space. I recommend you check with your country laws or put the device in a faraday cage and ensure it works!

Be careful, I do not want to see anyone get fined or worse. :grimacing:


Maybe I didn’t explain myself clearly enough. I want to use the Nova to communicate from a device like RPi to a computer connected to the internet with SDR attached to it setup to receive 2G communication.


I do not know what you’re asking but let me give it another shot.

Are you asking if a Nova can communicate to an SDR rather than an actual cell tower? If that is the question, then the answer is most likely yes. I do not have any experience doing this, but I know of a similar project. A user lived in an area without network coverage, so they set up an SDR within range of the cell device and whitelisted the device’s IMEI.

Worth noting again approval is needed. The project mentioned acquired approval from the necessary authorities.


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