Connect NB-IoT to Dash Cloud


I’m using SODAQ NB-IoT module with Hologram SIM Card.
Can I know is it possible to connect this module to Hologram Dash?
If so, can I get the Arduino coding to program the board?

Thank you.

Hi there,

I’m trying to do the same thing. My module is a SARA-N211. No luck yet. Did you make any progress? I also have an N210 to try next…


Hi there

I also have an SARA-N211, no luck yet :frowning:

Hi @lorenzadriaensen,

Although hardware supporting NB-IoT is actively rolling out, carriers and associated networking is also being updated to support connectivity. Hologram’s partner carriers are still actively lighting up coverage for NB-IoT!

Stay tuned for updates. We’ll be sure to let the community know any new developments.

Thanks for your inquiry!