Connecting to AWS IoT via the customCloud interface

I’m having trouble understanding the “credentials” portion of the customCloud class. For AWS IoT, I’ve got two certificates, a private key and a root CA certificate. How would I include those into the customCloud object to make appropriate calls to AWS IoT?

I’m using the Nova SARA-R410M modem with a BeagleBone Black on Debian 9.9.

I’ve got the device sending messages to the hologram cloud successfully, however, I need to connect this to my AWS IoT MQTT broker. Please help.

That class is more of a base class to derive more complicated classes from. If you wanted to use the SDK to connect to AWS IoT cloud you probably need to write your own python class to do it.

Does AWS IoT support sending data with webhooks? You can try routing data through our cloud using the advanced webhook route on the dashboard.

Otherwise, you’ll just need to connect to them directly. Maybe others on the forum would have more suggestions on how they’ve done it.

Thanks @Reuben for the reply.

So that brings me to the next question: can I surf the web via the Nova SARA-R410M on CAT-M1?
If I can, than this becomes very trivial in accessing AWS IoT. However, I haven’t been able to find documentation supporting that we can access websites with the modem.

By trivial, I mean that all I need to do in this case is access the AWS IoT broker using the AWS SDK.

Yeah, you have full internet access, although Cat-M1 is a bit slow and designed more for smaller amounts of data so don’t go watching Netflix or something :slight_smile:
You can start up an internet connection using the hologram network connect command or the PPP daemon that is built-in to most Linux distributions.

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Okay – now we’re talking.

Thanks @Reuben. Fast response was super appreciated.

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