Connection in Canada

I am trying to test hologram sim card in a watch. I can see it is connected to the Rogers Network and I am able to send SMS to it. I have also set the APN using below SMS (pw,123456,apn,hologram,302720#)
But on the dashboard it is showing Live, not “Connected”.

What am I missing here?

The dashboard can be a few minutes behind so it might just be that. Does it never switch to Connected after waiting?

No it didn’t, it stayed in Live.
I’ve been able to send and receive SMS but nothing beyond that.

It’s hard to know without being able to mess with the watch, but try reaching out to We’ll be able to look up that SIM and see what might be going on there.

Hi Reuben
Appreciate your follow up. I did send the test command to sim on the watch and I got GPRS:OK (61) and I was able to send and receive SMS to the watch. So I assumed it should have data.
Yesterday I tested the sim with my mobile and finally I was able to connect with the data. So I guess there isn’t anything wrong with the sim. I need to find out what’s wrong with the watch

I’ll reach out to the email once I have more information.

Thank you

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