Connection Status Return of 0 with connection

Hey folks,
I am using a Raspberry Pi running Raspberry Pi OS with a SARA-U201 2G/3G Nova.

I am using the .getConnectionStatus() function in my script, found here:

However, the return code of this function is a 0, which means “cloud disconnected”, when in fact I am connected to the cellular network. When I boot my Pi, I run a systemd service that executes: /etc/bin/systemd/system/hologram network connect.The LED is solid blue, also I check ppp0 with ifconfig and I am connected, I can also ping servers.

If I issue sudo hologram network disconnect and then sudo hologram network connect and then run my .getConnectionStatus() function I get a return int of 1 not 0. Where 1, is connected.

from Hologram.HologramCloud import HologramCloud
hologram = HologramCloud(dict(), network=‘cellular’)
connection_status =
print (“Connection status: {}”.format(connection_status))

Is the CLOUD DISCONNECTED (return 0) result unrelated to a cellular network connection?