Cradlepoint IBR200 and Raspberry Pi

Hi Folks,

I created some solutions in the past using Arduino interfaces with embedded modems and, with some work and adaptation, I have made the system working.
Now I am starting an IoT project using Cradlepoint IBR200 and Raspberry Pi, connected to it with the Ethernet port, thinking this would be more professional and stable.
Unfortunately I don’t know where to start from…I have searched the internet and all the tutorials are done without using the Cradlepoint interface. Main questions are, how can I dialog with the raspberry pi using APIs? how can we associate the raspberry pi with the device ID that is in the IBR200 device? And, considering I will be largely using GPIO for controlling remotely the system and returning some messages to the cloud, what do you suggest as programming environment in the Raspberry pi?
Thank you for your help.

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