Cradlepoint IBR200 w/ Hologram - Frequent Disconnects

I purchased a Cradlepoint IBR200 and have installed the Hologram SIM card. I reconfigured the APN and am now connected. However, I only stay connected for 3-4 minutes before the modem disconnects. During the 3-4 min, I am connected and able to pass traffic.

When the modem decides to disconnect, it appears to be rebooting itself (not the router, just the internal modem). The cellular signal strength LED’s turn off, then the cellular status LED turns OFF. After 30 seconds, the cellular status LED flashes orange for about 15 seconds, then green, and then the cellular signal strength leds all light up and I am connected again.

I have already done a hard reset on the router. Now, here is whats weird. The device works perfectly if I use a native AT&T SIM card. This problem only shows up when using a Hologram SIM.

Any thoughts?

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