Create Communication between Wireless sensor and AWS cloud using Nova

As IOT nova is one of the new tech which is much helpful to connect the Embedded development boards with internet through cellular services, I want to use it to make wireless Vibration sensor to communicate with AWS cloud I need to send the data of sensor to AWS cloud’s database but I still not able to create the communication path between sensor and AWS cloud using nova service,
If anyone use it with AWS cloud and can suggest me best way to make it possible,
As I wanted to create the monitoring support system for testing of the vibration of machines and use MQTT protocol to send alerts via SMS (which set according to vibration parameters) on my company smartphone users so that they will get informed regarding the issues via some application which shows the predictive analysis regarding machines and will make schedule accordingly for the maintenance of machines."

Hey Dory89,

This sounds like an interesting use case and the Nova provides flexibility to approach this in a few different ways. First of all, the Nova can be used as a replacement for a regular Ethernet or WiFi connection so you could simply use the Nova for that and use an MQTT service like Mosquitto. If you don’t mind not using MQTT and opting for Hologram’s Socket API (low-level TCP socket interface) you can use our pre-made Amazon S3 route or create your own route with the advanced and custom webhook builders.


Hi, Thanks a lot for valuable reply and I need to know whether is it possible to connect wireless sensor with Hologram API using raspberry pi as server and Wifi (as primary link) as well as Nova as secondary link so that less disconnection takes place ?

Also, What functions will be useful for us to display the streaming data of sensors in Hologram API ?

Hey Dory89,

You can send information to the Hologram Dashboard via WiFi by using the API I mentioned above, you’ll just need the Device key for the SIM in your Nova. As far as displaying data, we have a built in route with Losant which I live very much, but with the custom/advanced route options you can really use whatever service you like best.


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