Current capacity from 3.3V pin

I notice when powering the dash from 5V that the 3.3V regulator output is available on the +3.3 pin.

What is the current capacity that can be drawn on this ?

Hi @orbitcoms - For the 3.3V regulator output on the +3.3V pin, we recommend max current draw of 150mA. The current board will support up to 1A but newer part that will bring overall Dash power consumption down has a lower threshold.

Can I take that to mean you have a newer, lower-power consumption Dash on the way? :slight_smile:

Thanks Ryan,

This means I can do away with an additional 3.3V regulator in a couple of my projects.

Yep! We’ll have more information in a month or so, but I think you guys will be happy.

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