Custom Dash Less Battery Management IC

Hi All,

I am going to fab a custom version of the Dash for my project but I want to get rid of the battery monitor IC (U19, MAX1704X). IT appears that both the user and system mcus have i2c lines that connect to this IC. I don’t plan on needing the user mcu connection to it, obviously, but will removing it impact the system mcu operation? Would I need to modify firmware for the system mcu for it to operate properly without those I2C connections?

Thanks so much in advance,

Today I removed U19 from 3 different Dashes. They all recognize when the program button is pressed by blinking the white led and programming doesn’t seem to fail. Despite that none of them seem to execute the programmed firmware and the serial port is no longer accessible. It seems like the User MCU has a boot loader that doesn’t load the program firmware unless it is able to talk to that IC. Can anyone from Hologram confirm this?

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