Dash 1.2 Power - Best Practices

Just got my new Dash 1.2 this weekend. It’s a great piece of hardware, and the onboard LED makes all the difference.

I’d been powering my previous 1.1 board through pin L01. My initial take on this board is that it seems far more sensitive to low-voltage than the earlier design – The modem seems to lose its connection and hang in a non-connected state if the power supply is not strong and steady at 5V. A

Are there any differences in power requirements between the two designs?

Is the 1.2 board designed to have a battery attached to it 100% of the time?

I don’t want to use a lithium-ion battery – I just want to power the device via the V-in pin. Without any jumpers to set on this version, I’d also like to make sure this is a viable path.


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Same experience here. 4.8V fluctuation at L01 disrupt the board’s functions.

I also had my old board survive a steady 7.4V supply at that pin… but one of my U201 board suddenly stops working at this voltage. Sketch can be uploaded… but AT commands can’t be sent to the modem… even REPL commands stop working.

So my final solution is to add an external 7805 to regulate the voltage at 5.0V.

Thanks, Arnold. Exactly what I’m seeing. Thanks, too, for the reminder on the 7805. :slight_smile:

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