Hello Hologram Community!

Today I got an interesting question regarding using the CAN bus on the Dash. For this I would suggest one of the following two approaches:

  1. Using a CAN transceiver (such as MCP2561 - Interface- Controller Area Network (CAN)) and the CAN controller integrated with the Dash processor. We don’t have any driver support for it, but Freescale/NXP has basic drivers that can be used. This option will most likely require a bit of software work.

  2. Using an external CAN controller (such as MCP2515 - CAN Controller) which would be controlled by the SPI interface on the Dash processor. There may be Arduino libraries available for this.


Hi Mailky,
Good concept, There are many user developed CAN repositories on GITHUB. It depends on the chip infrastructure. Hence ARM, Microchip/Arduino/UNO, ATMEL. CAN is not really a desirable protocol to run on a Hologram wireless SIM unless it is configured for LAN or Bluetooth.
Beaglebone and PI are strongest hardware for CAN hackers that I can think of.

Hey Gator,

Thanks for the extra information! I know several users have used Hologram SIMs in vehicles that feature SIM card integration for remote monitoring, but for this post I was talking about a custom solution with the Dash. The Dash is our cellular enabled micro-controller which features an integrated CAN controller and can be used to create a custom connected monitoring device. Nevertheless, as you suggest, one could also use a Beaglebone or a Pi along with our Nova to enable cellular connectivity and achieve similar results. Ultimately, it boils down to what the user is looking for and what they are most comfortable with.


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