Dash cloud print collision

Does anyone have a tip or information about how to avoid data collisions?

I have back to back SerialCloud.print calls (roughly 80 byte packets at 1 second intervals) and in my data logs, I can see a collisions.

I expect: {“json0”:0,“json1”:0,“json2”:0,“json3”:0}
and I saw a few
{{“json0”:0,“json1”:0,“json2”:0,“json3”:0} << One extra ‘{’ at start
{“json0”:0,“json1”:0,{“json0”:0,“json1”:0,“json2”:0,“json3”:0} << the first json packet wasn’t completed when the next one was sent/received.

I understand this is a edge case since the period between calls is 1 second but nonetheless, can someone point me at documentation on how to make sure I can detect that the previous packet hasn’t been sent before I start sending the next one.