Dash.deepSleepAtMost... time remaining

Back in June, Erik shared some code to determine the wake up source for the deepSleepAtMost functions. If the source was not the timer, how can I read the time remaining on the timer? I want to spend most of the time in deep sleep, waking to service interrupts, and sending status messages twice a day. These functions get me 90% of the way there.


void setup() {
  Dash.begin();                     //Enable the Dash class
  Serial2.begin(115200);            //Enable Serial2
  pinMode(R04, INPUT_PULLUP);       //Set R04 to input with a pull-up
  Dash.attachWakeup(R04, FALLING);  //Use R04 as a wake-up source (WU14)
                                    //Will generate a wake-up when transitioning
                                    //from high to low. Since R04 is pulled high
                                    //internally, grounding R04 will generate
                                    //the wake-up event

static uint32_t count = 1;

void loop() {
  Dash.onLED();              //LED is on while awake
  Serial2.print("Dash Timed Sleep At Most Demo Run ");
  Serial2.println("Going to sleep for at most 10 seconds.");
  Serial2.waitToEmpty();     //before sleeping, clear the Serial output buffer
  Serial2.flush();           //clear the Serial input buffer for the next run 
  Dash.deepSleepAtMostSec(10);   //deep sleep 10 seconds, or until R04 goes low

  count++;                       //Awake now
  uint32_t source = Dash.lastWakeupSource();    //get the source of the last
                                                //wake-up event
  Serial2.print("Last wake-up source(");
  Serial2.print("): ");
  Serial2.println(source == 16 ? "Timer" : "R04");