Dash Dock / Board Feedback Appreciated

Hey everybody, I just wanted to post some photos here of something I threw together: a dock / breakout board for the Dash with the pins labeled. This was born of me wanting to just plug a few pins in without needing a breadboard and keeping track of the different pin options. I’d love any feedback you might have for possible improvements!


Also, here are the board / schematic files if you wanna make your own: https://github.com/kmacvittie/dash_dock

That’s a cool idea! Is the idea you could have setups ready to go and you just plug in a Dash as needed? (like to cut down on Dashes until they’re needed)

Or is the idea mostly around the labeling?

I like it, definitely makes it more accessible and cuts down on the breadboard bulk.

Thanks Chris! For me it was more the labeling, but I definitely like the pre-set setups you describe! I usually have a few projects running at any given time, so the fewer breadboards I need to use for just a few pins coming from the Dash, the better. I was considering putting together a more complex one too that might incorporate a usb port for power and maybe a power switch to put less stress on the Dash’s port (I already have one dash that’s lost its usb port).

You could make it Arduino shield compatible. Then you could drop on XBee Shields, Z-Wave, ProtoShields. and More. Also would not be a bad Idea to add a 2a 5v power system on there so that you can have enough power to send data and not have low power conditions from the computer USB.

awesome feedback, thanks! I was thinking of doing something along those lines (waiting on the newest board from OSHPark) with the headers broken out to the side so that “hats” or shields could be added (gps, motor control, etc). Think that would be interesting?

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