Dash function for Network Status



I wanted to know if there is any function available for Dash that can provide the current network status. In my project I am trying to wait for the modem to boots up or if it looses the connection to the network so I would wait until the network is back and then send data.

I would not like to send the data when modem is not ready and indicate.with another led.

is there any function that can tell me the status of network and data.

boot log

+EVENT:LOG,42,5,DEBUG,31,Modem event: Network registered
+EVENT:LOG,39,5,DEBUG,28,Modem event: Data registered


I’ve asked for this as well; feedback I received is it’s on The List of Things to Do for the user community, and no, it does not yet exist.


Hi Michael

Thank you for your reply, do you any method or function that can restart the Dash.


Happy to help – it’s early days for this product, so we are all in the dark a bit! :slight_smile:
The only way I’m aware of to restart the Dash is via the User IC Reset button or the System IC Reset button. No way to do it via code or command at this point, I believe. I usually just unplug mine; usually has the same effect. There have been a few times when unplugging has not seemed to reset it; in those rare cases, I’ve had success using the System IC Reset button.



Until they add a class for it, I’ve had success in parsing the cloud status strings. Just have your code keep an eye out for whatever modem event you’re looking for, and then proceed as desired. On mine, I have a blue LED that pulses quickly when trying to connect, and then once serial passthrough is enabled (looks for string “ASS”…), the LED holds solid.


Thank you.

I was looking to do something like that, I had to do similar thing to check if SMS is received. Thanks