DASH MAC Address


Is there a MAC Address equivalent for DASH?


The closest equivalent is likely the IMEI. Read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Mobile_Equipment_Identity


Hi Chris,

I found the below SERIAL NUMBER in the API when I went back after a long hiatus. How is this number created? Is this a combination of the IMEI plus something else?

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Because you were talking about MAC address, which is normally a unique ID that allows you to identify on a network, the IMEI is a better fit. The serial number is also a unique identifier, but normally wouldn’t be published on a network.

What are you looking to do? That will help to give some color to future responses.


Hi Chris,

You’re first suggestion to use IMEI is a good one, because I understand IMEI is unique per modem. I just have to enrcypt that number when passing through networks for security reasons.

I’m also interested in the Dash.serialNumber(), but i need to know if this is permanent regardless if I change the firmware version… or if I accidentally cleared out the NVM space of the MODEM (because I’m also writing data to the modem via AT commands).


Ah, so if I was to summarize, you want to uniquely identify your device on the ‘web’ side of the equation? Yes, it would be good to encrypt this and perhaps you could do your own combination of IMEI and Serial Number to pair the hardware and SIM card into one number.


That’s the objective. But do you confirm that Serial Number can’t be erased? Is it saved in the MODEM’s NVM memory space?

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