Dash OTA update

Is the Dash OTA service operational? I am not able to update any of my Dash units on AT&T or T-Mobile. They reset when I send an OTA update without changing the user firmware.

I tried flashing dash_repl_basic over USB. Verified AT&T and signal strength 21. A few seconds after sending an OTA update, the repl resets without changing the user firmware. Program LED remains off.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Are Dash OTA updates working for anyone? Is this a known issue?

We had a brief outage there yesterday morning but the system is up now. Does the firmware currently on the device do any shutting down of the radio? We’ve seen issues where people were shutting down the radio too quickly before the new firmware finished downloading

The units in the field do shut down, but to isolate the problem I’ve been testing with a Dash unit connected by USB (and with a lipo battery) running the dash_repl_basic sketch (no changes), which does not shut down. The USB serial port briefly resets but still continues to run the same dash_repl_basic sketch, no matter what I have uploaded using the OTA programmer.

To help debug I compiled dash-system-firmware and turned on the LED to figure out where it was failing during OTA updates. ArduinoCloud::downloadOTA fails because Ublox::httpGet returns false on line 947.

That would seem to suggest that the server (or cellular network) is not allowing the firmware to be downloaded. Perhaps it’s rejecting the generated password? Thoughts?

That’s some good debugging. Would you mind DMing your linkid or SIM number you’re testing with and it will help us trace the request on our end?

Of course, sent. Thanks again!

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