Dash Pro with Linux

Our use case for the Dash Pro is a Bitcoin ATM (BTM).

The BTM sends https requests to an external server via wifi by default. We want to use the Dash Pro as a backup system should the internet go down.

The global SIM is important to us, as we want the machines to have this capability out of the box without requiring the customer/operator to go out, buy and signup to a SIM plan. Our client base is global.

To the main question, does the Dash Pro support Linux? Are there available drivers and any additional documentation?

Is this a proper use case for the Dash Pro? Monthly use per machine should be about 1-2MB.

Side question: what antennas are recommended for use with the Dash Pro?


What a neat use case! It sounds like a great idea to bundle cellular backup with your BTM, and the Konekt Global SIM should be able to provide you with connectivity that costs less than a typical transaction’s return—a natural fit.

For clarity: The Dash and Dash Pro don’t natively run Linux on-board (unless you find a microcontroller Linux port that can run on 1 MB of program flash), but I assume you mean connecting the Dash or Dash Pro to another board that is running Linux. My answer assumes this.

The Dash and Dash Pro units are primarily used as either:

  1. An Arduino-like development board
  2. A serial-to-cellular gateway (by running the pre-installed stock firmware)
  3. (Possibly a standard PPPd-compatible modem in the future, although this feature has not yet been developed)

As a “serial” gateway, there are actually several different connectivity options, including USB serial and a TTL UART (that could then be connected to, for example, a Raspberry Pi’s or Beaglebone’s GPIO pins). When in serial gateway mode, our stock firmware will support sending data to a server of your choice, which can be over HTTPS on the Dash Pro; so, in this mode, data you send to a Dash Pro over USB or TTL UART will then be sent to a server of your choosing, and the server response can be relayed back over USB or TTL UART to your main controller board.

If your main controller board runs Linux and has USB host capabilities, your other option would be to consider using a generic USB cellular modem; however, generic USB modems are not always reliable in the field for long-term use in remote deployments. The Dash and Dash Pro products are designed for remote deployment use cases, and support zero configuration out of the box (which aids in the practicalities of deploying a product in a scalable fashion).

We are offering a global hex-band antenna from Sinbon. Also, you can work with Taoglas PN FXP14.07.0100A. https://octopart.com/search?q=FXP14.07.0100A.