"dash repl basic" nothing on serial monitor


I’m working on my first unit and just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.
As the title says, I getnothing form help command in serial monitor.
arduino IDE 1.8.5
board dash 1.2: dash / it is up to date
CPU :120 Mhz
port : com 1

serial monitor: Newline / 9600/or 115200 bauds
type ‘help’ show nothing

I get this message while updating
WARNING: library DashReadEvalPrint claims to run on (konektdash) architecture(s) and may be incompatible with your current board which runs on (sam) architecture(s).
WARNING: library ReadEvalPrint claims to run on (konektdash) architecture(s) and may be incompatible with your current board which runs on (sam) architecture(s).

After uploading, the dash disconnect from computer (disconect sound)

edit: I’m not sure if I had updated the firmware when uploading my first sketch so I updated with dashupdater.exe (dash_system_module_firmware_0.10.3.bin) but didn’t updated User program as I was not sure the file needed was this one. I’m running winows 8.1. Only com1 show up but transferts works great(on arduino I had multiple COM showing up and swapping, it was strange). in device manager, nothing about dash is listed even after doing a driver update: https://hologram.io/docs/guide/dash/windows/
tried the simplest serial monitor sketch but it doesn’t works.
void setup() {
void loop() {

any idea?


Please check if you select Hologram USB loader in Arduino - Tools - Programmer and click Program button on Dash board before you upload sketch.

Hope it’s helpful.


thanks for your reply but I thoses settings are the same


In your print test sketch, the “test” string will most likely be printed and gone before you are able to connect to the serial port and see it. Move that to your loop function, with maybe a delay(1000); after it.

For the REPL, if nothing is shown, try hitting enter to reprint the prompt.

When you program the Dash, the serial port is disconnected. When it reconnects, the OS chooses the port, and it may select a different port. So you may need to close the Arduino terminal, reselect the port, and open it again. In program mode the Arduino IDE usually does a good job of auto-reconnect, but sometimes it doesn’t work.


Thanks a lot Erik, the problem was simple. I always upload on com1 but it reconnect on COM6. just had to change com port and reopen serial monitor.


Yeah, sorry about that. I wish there was a way to fix that, but it is really up to the OS.


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