Dash Shield or Adafruit FONA?

I have some adafruit featherwing boards I designed with kicad that I am considering redoing for the Dash form factor. Is there a generic shield form factor Eagle or kicad) that I could start with?

Other option would be to use Adafruit FONA feather - how well does the FONA work with Hologram SIM and Arduino IDE?

We’re in the process of redesigning the shields but we’ll post those files once they’re ready.

We have a FONA here that we’ve been testing with and our SIM seems to work fine. We did run into a couple bugs in the Adafruit library for it, but that was a couple months ago so it might be good now.

Can you provide the detail on what you had to fix in the adafruit library?

Any update on how to design a dash “shield” ?