DASH system OTA


I have altered the DASH system firmware to include some minor bits and pieces and I have a device deployed abroad. The firmware I have compiled works well and is fully updatable through the USB programmer but always fails over the system OTA tool.

What I think happens is that the code for the system gets pushed into the user processor because in ArduinoCloud::programOTA it only uses OTA.updateUserApplication in the update.

I have a three questions…

  1. Has anybody updated the system firmware successfully from the updater tool?
  2. In Updater.h, I can see an object for updateSystemBoot but it is not called anywhere in the firmware as far as I can see. Is this what should be used for the system firmware or is that just for the boot loader for the system processor?
  3. Is there a way of updating the system firmware remotely with the current tools, as my kit is over 1000 miles away… :sweat:

I have another question about the OTA authentication SMS too, but I’ll leave that for another post…

Thanks for any info.

Really awesome that you’ve been able to get hacking on the system firmware.

Unfortunately, we stopped development on the dash before finishing support for system OTA updates so only user updates work with the OTA system right now. I’m not sure if we have any kind of a plan for moving forward on this since we don’t sell the Dash anymore.
We’ll pass this thread around the office though to see if anyone has any thoughts.

Thanks Reuben - The major thing is that I would like to update the user processor after your servers go offline for the OTA.

I have had some success updating the user firmware by placing a binary on my own server and “copying” an OTA SMS that was previously sent to a device (here on my desk) but the auth method is different from device to device, as you would expect. I sent a personal message to Maiky with the details in it. If I can get the auth sorted (the first part of the SMS before the URL) I can update the unit.

Thanks again Ruben.

Yeah I understand. Lemme talk to the team and get back to you in a few days

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