Dash Unique ID

I am using multiple dash devices to connect to the cloud for a project. I am using the router to send the data to a custom end point. At the end point I want to be able to clearly identify which peice of hardware (not SIM card) is sending the data. What is the most bandwidth friendly field to use for this?

I was using the Dash.serialNumber() but this is a pretty large number to send every message. Is the device id included in the message header unique per piece of manufactured dash hardware? What generates that number?

Here are a few possible solutions:

  1. Assign your own ID in the sketch (1,2,3,etc.)
  2. Use the modem’s unique identifier HologramCloud.getIMEI()
  3. Use the SIM’s unique identifier HologramCloud.getICCID()

One other thing: the <<device.id>> cloud route variable

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@Reuben, Is the device.id unique for each device? What assigns that value to the message, the modem, the system MCU. Is it programmed to the device in the factory? Is it assigned by the network?

It’s tied to the Sim card after you activate it and is the device ID that is listed on our dashboard

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