Dashboard Last Actvity

Could someone clarify the “Last Activity” indication on the device dashboard. What is that based on specifically? It does not appear to be related to last tcp data activity from the device. I see it update often when the device first connects, but not always. Is there anything I can do on the modem side to update this value in a predictable way?

At the moment I am disappointed with the high relative bandwidth required with the TCP api just to implement a heartbeat. Wish there were better way. Yes, I could leverage an mqtt server but that is yet another layer of complexity just to achieve a simple goal of regular heartbeat indication.

Thanks for any feedback.

The last activity data is based on cellular session, not TCP session. The info on whether the session is currently open should be accurate to within a few minutes. Byte counts update at least every 5MB during the session and if the session has been open for a while and when it closes.

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