DashCloud/routing Bugg

I guess that it must be some kind of error in my code, some kind of a cashe, or buffer.
But i really can’t comprehend how this could happen

(Explanation: The Dash should post to the cloud and then route to a server, once/minute. But this routing interfered.)

Are you pointing out the two messages that are out of order? It is possible they got stuck in a queue somewhere. We’ll look into that.

It is the ones posted between the two arrows.
(they where also missing from where in the timeline they should have been posted).

I only wanna know if the error was on my part or not.

What is the largest size packet that can be sent ?

I have a logging application and want to store up records and send in batches to keep message overhead down

Hi @orbitcoms - The Dash buffers larger messages using available system chip RAM and so our team recommends keeping length of messages to 2K bytes. Let us know if you have any questions or issues with larger packet sizes though.

Is that 2k recommendation just purely for message content? Curious if the 2k size includes overhead, and how much I need to figure into overhead per message if “yes.”

Definitely want to keep that RAM uncluttered.

Thanks Ryan,
I will set up my project to send when I have accumulated 100 records (1600 bytes) or after 60 minutes since last update (if data ready to send). This should limit max. data usage to around 2.2k over any hourly interval (Is that about right)?