Data Connection / Modem State / Sleep Mode

Hi, Hologram,

I’m trying to understand how the various sleep modes on the Dash match up with the various modem states and connection states.

For example, what happens to incoming SMS’s when the Dash is in deep sleep? Are the messages received and stored until the unit comes out of deep sleep?

What is the difference between “connected” and “registered?” Can they be independently controlled?

Is there a particular sequence of those steps that the modem goes through prior to being able to upload and download data?

Reason for the above: my application has the – sleep for some time, and then wake back up. What are the “best practice” steps I need to take to ensure the modem is back up and working properly?

Sorry for the barrage of questions; but the Dash is a unique product, and I have not been able to find much online about this, and the API guide does not go into much detail. Links and pointers, as well as your thoughts, greatly appreciated.

I’d love to hear the answers to this as well.

Digging through the Hologram.cpp source I can see that most calls invoke powerUp, but it seems like just powering isn’t sufficient for a lot of them, that they need to have an established connection. Are things queued? My dash development is often in a place with spotty cell service so I’m a bit more sensitive to things not connecting/working consistently and wondering about the best methods of setting things up.

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