Data consumption for Devices

We have activated and are using a few Hologram SIM cards from 16/12/2022.
Below are the actions we have taken:

  1. first we have done a recharge amount of $5.
  2. Activated 3 SIM cards(0.70/device)= 0.70*3= $2.1.
  3. So, the remaining is $5-$2.1 = $2.90.
  4. For 1MB = $ 0.08.
  5. So, for $2.90 we will have 36.25MB.
  6. So, for 2 SIM we have set 5MB data limit and for 1 SIM it has reached 1.03MB.
  7. The 5MB limit has been completed and the SIM is paused by the system. So, the total data usage is ~11MB.
  8. The total data usage is 11MB so there should be a remaining of 25.25MB (i.e., $2.20), but on the account balance it is shown as $ 0.98. Why?

Hi, just saw this question now, but wanted to recommend you reach out to our support team if you’re still having a problem because they can look at your account and figure out exactly what you were billed for everything.