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I am trying to track down why I show quite a bit of data usage even though I am not purposely connecting my Nova device to the network. I am however acquiring the signal strength, operator, and location information every 60 seconds (to update a webpage). I wouldnt have thought that accessing the ss, op, & loc information (via the command line) would use bandwidth, but it is the only thing I can think of that would cause it. So the questions is; where can I find documentation on these cli features that will tell me whether they use bandwidth or not, how much data they consume, etc.?

Hey @dmolley,

I have reached out to our documentation to make a note of this request.

In the mean time a good rule of thumb to follow would be seeing if a command would require a session connection to network or not.

Signal Strength and Operator both do not need to open a session to connect to the network to determine status so they would not use up any data.

Location on the other hand relies on a triangulation of cellular towers and a look up of those tower’s locations and therefore would use up data.

I know this might not seem very straight forward if you are just starting to get familiar with cellular so please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any more doubts.

Another good place to look into this would be the Python CLI/SDK documentation on GitHub as that would show you exactly what happens when you use a command.


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