Data Usage ...Something is really wrong !

Can you give transparency on how the usage is computed ?

I am very surprised to have a 10MB usage increase in a day based on the messages that I sent !

By clicking “usage” next to my usage on the dashboard ,I see this message of 9MB ???
{“linkid”:<>,“record_id”:223653545,“session_begin”:“2017-11-28 23:54:02”,“timestamp”:“2017-11-29 00:36:08”,“bytes”:9939588,“network_name”:“AT&T Mobility - CG”}

Can you tell me which was the message that I sent with this size ?

The only messages that I sent are just a couple of characters and you can actually see them through the console ?

Please let me know ASAP.

Thank you-Claude

Hi @claude_hussenet thanks for reaching out. Happy to have our success team look into this.
To help us out, could you provide some additional details about:

  • Type of device you’re using
  • Cellular module
  • How you’re connecting the device over cellular

Will get back to you.

Yes, using the Python command line with the cellular Nova modem.

Messages sent are either
"Hello" or “Hello at Tue Nov 28 2017 11:55:19 GMT-0500 (EST)” sent sometimes to one topic…

Can be seeing on your dashboard…

Thank you

Got it and so during the command line did you also call
hologram network connect
in addition to
hologram send Hello
The session info indicates that the device was connected over cellular for about 40 minutes.

Maybe from a previous execution…Yes, saw also the 40 mn connection as well in the usage log…
It means the usage is not computed based on the size of the message but based on how long a connection is kept opened ? So,if for whatever reason ,there is a problem to disconnect ,I will be charge even if I don’t send any messages as it was in this case … Is it correct ?

Claude - We receive usage information directly from our global carrier partners based on individual cellular data sessions as you saw in that record entry. It is based directly and only on the amount of actual data traffic transmitted during that connection time. Are you using the Nova on a Raspberry Pi or other SBC? When calling hologram modem connect a PPP connection is established as the default route over cellular, so any internet traffic (web browsing, automatic updates, or messages sent) will be transmitted over cellular while the connection is open. So in your case, would you be able to identify if any web browsing or updates happened while the Nova was configured and connected? Hologram does not bill for any charges based on duration of connection time. Does that help explain what occurred?


I am using the Nova on a Raspberry PI .

Yes ,I dove a bit in the python code that you provide and noticed the creation of the PPP connection and the IP routing added on the fly to route the command to the cellular modem …

Are you saying that the routing that you define which does not get deleted because the PPP connection is not disconnected, route any kind of traffic such as browsing to your modem and I get charge for it ?

There are applications that require a persistent PPP connection and so use hologram network connect to establish the route for the cellular modem. hologram network disconnect will close the PPP session so no further traffic is required. Based on your application, you can use the CLI to just send messages without establishing a PPP session to limit traffic that routes through the modem and is billed.

I am using “sudo hologram send [-vv -t ]” which established a PPP connection .
Which CLI command should I use so it’s done without establishing a PPP session ?

You did not answer to my previous message relating to the routing defined on the fly by the CLI command.
Is the routing route any kind of traffic when the PPP connection is established which may justify this peak usage ?

Thank you

If sudo hologram network connect was called before the hologram send call, the PPP session will still persist so you will need to call hologram network disconnect to disconnect the PPP session.
If you just call hologram send it will only establish PPP session which is required to send message and tear down after. The connect command isn’t required precisely to limit any traffic to just the message payload.

Yes, the routing defined by the CLI command will route any traffic which is likely the cause of the peak usage you saw unrelated to the messages you sent that may have been transmitted from the device.

Based on your application, you can use the CLI to just send messages without establishing a PPP session to limit traffic that routes through the modem and is billed.

Could you briefly describe how to connect without establishing a PPP session or point to the document?