Data Visualization

So now that I managed to see the data that I send to Hologram in JSON format I wonder how I can graph it? Is there any data visualization capabilities in Hologram - I am asking because so far I could not find any…I do realize that Hologram is a work in progress, and have many other features, but if my only goal so far is to visualize the data, why would I push it to Hologram instead of AWS IoT Core or Azure IoT Hub?

We don’t offer any visualization capabilities. Our cloud is more for receiving the messages and then routing them to other services so you could setup a route to pass the message along to some other service that does visualizations. We have pre-built integrations with some other services like Losant for doing this, or you could setup a webhook route to hit some other service. (or email, slack, etc)
Or you’re definitely welcome to send data directly to some other service. The goal here was just to make it easier for certain use cases.

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