Deactivate SIM with REST API

Hello Support,

I went through all REST API functions, I find the function to Activate sim card using API. However, I did not find a API function to deactivate the sim. Could you please help me with that?


Hello Chaitanya,

There is no function to deactivate SIMs directly. If you want to deactivate a SIM you will have to email with the SIM numbers you wish to deactivate. Please note that deactivation is a permanent process.

If instead you would prefer to stop data flow to your SIM you can use the API endpoint to Pause or Unpause Data. Keep in mind however that paused SIMs will still be charged the network registration fee.


Thanks for reply Maiky,

Please let me know, how much network registration fee each paused SIM will be charged every month?


And for a developer SIM. I never noticed any extra charges.


@Chaitanya_Hajare If you are on Holograms new pricing plan (with “Professional” or “Maker” plans) then the cost is $0.25/month for a “Frozen” sim per: IoT Data Plans & Pricing . If you are on their old “pay as you go” plans then it is $0.40/month per see “I AM NO LONGER USING DATA ON A SIM…”

@davef There is no charge for the simcard or a 1MB/mo monthly plan with your developer SIM per IoT Data Plans & Pricing. Note I believe the sim will be suspended if you go over 1MB/mo. So the one developer sim is always free.

@Maiky may have better info and an official statement, I am just pulling from the info they have online.

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Hello everyone (@davef @Chaitanya_Hajare),

As @AndrewGifft correctly implied the network registration fee depends on the plan and edition you are on; as well as how many active devices you have.

  • If you are using the Professional Edition with a flexible plan and less than 100 devices that fee (listed as the active device rate) would be $1.50.
  • If you are using the Maker Edition with a flexible plan that fee would be $0.60.
  • Legacy users may also have the old Pay-as-you-go plan with a $0.40/month fee.
  • For developer/pilot plans there is no fee as its included with your free 1mb/month. If a user goes above the 1mb threshold and their SIM does not have a data limit then the SIM will incur data fees, but no network registration charges.

Users with more than 99 devices start seeing volume discounts on network registration fees and data. At the time being these are the lowest fees available for users with <100 SIMs as the SIM Freezing feature is being re-worked to be simpler to use.

Please note that you can change plans on demand so if you have a device on a pre-paid data plan, without it actually using data that month, its in your best interest to change it to a flex plan.

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