Deactivating/Reactivating a SIM card


I have two use cases where I would like to be able to deactivate and potentially reactivate a SIM:

  1. When a unit is stolen or damaged
  2. For activation testing

Are there any plans to enable this capability from the dashboard. Right now, we are having to activate several units or travel large distances to test the effect of activations on our power utilization.



Hello Jason,

Once a SIM is activated it must stay activated. Therefore, deactivation is a process that we can do for you, but it cannot be undone. Once a SIM is deactivated it cannot be used.

If you are testing our REST API to programmatically activate SIMs you can add preview=1 to test the endpoint without needing to actually activate a SIM card.

One thing to point out is that it is best practice to only insert an active SIM into a powered modem. Inserting an inactive SIM in a powered modem could put your modem into a bad state as not all modems are programmed to handle that edge case.


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