Dev cards & human restriction?

Hi all

  1. What are the restrictions on the dev cards with the free 1Mb? Are there specific terms? How long do they work for?

  2. I realise this is designed for M2M, however, is there anything in the TQC’s restricting having a human at one end?

The use case would be a teacher/student in an African school requesting a Wikipedia page over the Hologram service. A script grabs the Wikipedia page and broadcasts it over the service

  1. Are there plans to bring the rest of Africa on to the service?

Hey Sam!

1.) The DevPlan is as long as you want to use it. Really the data is the main restriction. Past that 1 MB you’ll need to add a credit card to swap over to pay as you go. We have some changes planned for it in the near future but we’re dedicated to making it easy for developers to get their projects online.
2.) Nope, humans are fine, we like them too. Usually humans use more than 1MB at a time though, which is why M2M is usually a better fit. For instance, I was hooked into a hotspot using one of our SIMs the other day and the background process on my laptop used a few MB without me knowing about it (Slack updating, etc). The main restriction with humans is that our SIMs do not cover voice communication, so they aren’t a good fit for normal mobile phones.
3.) We actually have coverage in almost every country, but they aren’t always covered by our flat data rates because some countries have really high data rates. We pulled those out as a separate thing and should be able to get you covered. You can email with specific questions.

We love Outernet! They’re actually based here in Chicago and are a wonderful service.

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