Device compatibility and dev languages with CAT-M1

I was looking at the device compatibility spreadsheet at GIT and being on US West Coast and using T-Mobile 4G I tried to see what works with CAT M1 (which is supposed to covered by 4G?)… Well, not much hardware out there with US Coverage:

Only 2 devices: SIM5320A and SIM808. While the former can be dealt with C/C++ it is not clear to me how you develop on SIM808…In any case seems like Python/MicroPython is not supported on either…

Am I wrong about device compatibility and that spreadsheet is simply not updated? Any recommendation for [preferably] Raspi-compatible board that has CAT-M1 and has US coverage?
Or, any other device that I can use Python/MicroPython with CAT-M1 and has US coverage?
I could use C# on Raspi but that will require installation of Mono.

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