Device have been paused...Why?

I got an email from Hologram stating the my device was paused:

These devices are being paused because they have reached their data usage limit. You can change this limit from the device’s page on your Dashboard.

I don’t get it - when I bought the SIM card I was stated that it is $1/month per device and includes 1MB. Beyond 1MB it is $0.60/MB. So why Hologram paused it instead of charging me for the data??

You have the ability to limit how much extra data beyond the 1mb plan is allowed to prevent running up a bunch of extra charges. You probably had set it to limit it when you activated it. You can change this to whatever you want though including unlimited on the dashboard.

See our billing guides for more information

Here is my account - I have positive balance and auto-fill enabled with credit card on file…

So, even if I set a limit (which I did not) it should have worked…

The limit you are hitting isn’t about money. It’s about bytes.
Click on the device on the dashboard, then click on data plan and scroll down to the data limit section. You can raise it to whatever you want and it’ll wake up within a few minutes if you are under the limit.

ok. it says 6MB. So what is this limit? a total limit that I can reach? or a limit per month? other?

Bytes on top of the plan size before it gets paused. In your case if you have 1MB plan then you can do 7MB in a month before pausing. This is totally up to you though. If you don’t want this automatic protection then you can just set it to unlimited and you can use whatever you want.

(Paying the overage rate of course)

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