Device key - Possible to group?

Getting up to speed on the Arduino MKR 1400. It’s an acceptable substitute right now for the Dash, and hopefully will allow a smooth transition to the MKR 1500 and its CAT M1 modem.

So far, I’ve managed to establish two-way communication between the board and the Hologram cloud.

However, on the Dash it was possible to use a common code base for multiple devices, since no key was required to connect to Hologram. Using the MKR 1400, the GPRS credentials require a device key, so a common code base is not immediately possible, it seems, since each device needs to have the device key hardcoded in.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how I might get around this, i.e., use a common code set so I can use the same software for multiple Arduino units?



You can SMS the device id and device key to your MKR 1400/1500. Your common code will have to look for an SMS and save the required parameters to non-volatile memory but then you have a common code base that only requires configuration. Alternatively you can send it the information over serial during device boot (again writing to non volatile memory after receipt).

I prefer the SMS since you you don’t need the device in hand to set / reset / update the configuration information. You can use the hologram api or dashboard to lookup the device ID and device key and to send a text, something like “deviceid=XXXXXX,devicekey=YYYYYYY”. Your code would then parse the string and if it it has the correct format, update the configuration and if it doesn’t, then ignore . You could immediately send a cloud message after receipt of a valid text message to know it all worked (just as an example, many ways to do this).

I believe the dash used Hologram’s multi factor authentication to communicate with the cloud. This eliminates the “text device credentials” step but is definitely more complex to implement in the software.

Thanks, Andrew. :slight_smile:

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