Difference between models


Is there any difference in consumption between Konekt Dash Pro ( ancient ) and Hologram Dash ( new ) ?


Power consumption? Can definitely say yes just from experience- I did a lot of early testing on the Pro and that thing would eat up batteries. Doing a quick look around, it used the LISA-U2 chip whereas the normal Dash uses the SARA series. Looking at the data sheets I don’t see huge differences in current consumption across the variety of transmission stages. I’m not sure what would cause the differences since a lot of the Pro documentation isn’t around anymore. Are you transitioning to the Dash (new) and looking for longer battery life?


Im not transitioning but i want some info. I have the old Konekt Dash Pro , with 1000maH battery and with power methods ( deepSleep ) i only get a few days ( 2 or 3 ). If the difference between new Dash and Older are only the double of days than i get with current it’s little for what I need.
Thanks !