Dimensions of Dash Pro

What are the dimensions of the Dash Pro, and the spacing between the headers on each side of the board? I’m developing a board that interfaces with it. Also, is there any more information available besides the pin map (like a datasheet)?

I think we’re open-sourcing the whole design pretty soon, but here’s a dimension diagram that I happened to have. I’ll poke some others around here to see if there’s anything else we can send out now.

The Dash board has grown ever-so-slightly and might grow again. I’m going to post the files as soon as I can figure out how to attach a non-picture file.

We have the board dimension files ready: https://github.com/konektlabs/konekt-hardware

We will be releasing the full hardware suite as soon as we isolate, correct, and verify a few small hardware bugs.

The most up to date drawings will be in the repo in the Eagle files (https://github.com/konektlabs/konekt-hardware). The dimensions are on layer 47 Measures.

Konekt Dash Dimension Drawing.pdf (136.1 KB)
Konekt Dash Pro Dimension Drawing.pdf (117.4 KB)