Directly messaging my own AWS Cloud


Using Hologram Python SDK, does ‘Direct IP’ mean I can directly message my own AWS Cloud (eg. outside ' ) or do I have to rely on a webhook to forward it on to my personal AWS Cloud? Following up on the webhook part of this question, is there any latency involved in this type of forward?



For webhooks, there is some latency although I dont think specified / guaranteed by SLA I would assume order of 1-10s for 95%-tile. Rember webhooks are 1-directional, the device doesnt get a response back (besides confirming hologram cloud ingested your message). No response from webhook endpoint or confirmation webhook completed successfully. you can get the latter from your dashboard.

You can use the sdk to open up a ppp session and do a web request directly to your server. You could then close the session right after to keep data usage low. I do this, and use the requests library to send post requests to my web app.

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