Disable Hologram Data for VNC Usage

I have a Hologram Nova connected to a Raspberry Pi. I have a python socket that runs constantly sending messages back and forth about hardware status. However, whenever I try to use the Desktop remotely using VNC it goes through the Nova modem because the socket is open. Is there a way to prevent this from happening so that even if the pi is connected to Hologram but isn’t connected to wifi it’ll just refuse the VNC connection?

Do you need bidirectional traffic? otherwise you can use the modem based socket messaging to send your messages without bringing up a PPP connection.

Also can you explain the connection setup more? if it is connected to wifi/ethernet why is the modem needed and if not how do you plan on tunneling into the device for VNC if the modem is not your connection method.

Thanks for the fast reply. To answer your first question, we definitely need bidirectional traffic. We are designing an autonomous station that will eventually be placed in a location with cellular only, but we currently have temporary access to WiFi while debugging. The whole point of being connected to WiFi is to not spend $50 every time we want to debug remotely

One suggestion I have is use a much less costly protocol like SSH which will barely use any data. Its what we use to connect to all of our remote devices we use for monitoring network stability which we can access through spacebridge.

You can change the routing tables for on the PI so that only certain traffic goes through the modem. We actually do that as part of the connect phase in our SDK but you would have to setup the routing yourself: https://github.com/hologram-io/hologram-python/blob/develop/Hologram/Network/Cellular.py#L177

How are you bringing up the connection on the pi? is there a script that starts the PPP session?

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