Discrepancy in SIM ID

Hi, I have had a Hologram SIM card for some time now, and recently I am attempting to get it working after about a year of inactivity. The module is a SIM7000A-V (US, Verizon) and the network status (AT+CGREG?) always says “Not Registered”. I did have to update the firmware on the SIM7000 and had difficulty doing so, but I now have it to the point where it does take commands, but still wont connect. The Hologram dashboard shows the device is active but with no data usage.

I am wondering if something is wrong with the SIM card… My Hologram dashboard shows a 19 digit SIM number, but when I issue the command AT+CCID on the device it has 19 digits plus the letter ‘f’ making it 20 digits. Does this indicate that the SIM is damaged or something, or is this normal behavior?

The ‘f’ is normal behavior

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