Does GPS come out of the monthly data usage?

If I am using a SIM7000E on a raspberry pi to get location data from GPS only, will it use up monthly data on hologram and if so how much?

Getting data from GPS doesn’t use data but if you send any of that over cellular then you will.
Try doing some testing and you’ll see on the Hologram dashboard how much you’re using within a few minutes

Ok, thank you, all I want is to take the longitude and latitude values from the GPS to use in other python scripts.

So I don’t know anything about that specific modem but some modems like the Nova don’t use real GPS but use a cell tower locate service instead which might the data. That’s more of a question about that module though than anything hologram-specific but maybe someone else on here has done that.

Looks like the sim7000E does have a GPS front end so it gets the actual GPS signal to give you position vs using cell tower triangulation.

One way to be sure you wont be charged for cellular data is to just not put in a simcard. Without a simcard the modem (internet / data portion) wont be allowed on the network and you cant use data. If the GPS breaks then you know you need and will consume data, if you get positioning in this state then you are good. (You could also test with a non-activated simcard, if you want it to have an iccid).

Note I would strongly recommend not using a cell + gps modem if all you want is GPS. u-blox makes a bunch of gps/gnss modules and there are 3rd party shields that can interface with dev boards for these. You are basically paying for a chip where 80% of the functionality is not being used and the R&D and capabilities of the GPS on cellular device is less than dedicated chips. Look at something like: maybe.

If you are also using cellular data then just try my test above and you can see if gps will work without data.

Good morning,
I bought a SIM card, I activated it and put it in a Gps Tracker. But I do not see it working. I’m getting into the Tracker app, and says she’s offline. Do I have to do something else?

When I put my own sim card with the number I have, it works normally. I can check all application functions and close the tracker.
I send you some screenshots: and
I send you the screenshots I have from the hologram:
Forgive my bad English.

Did you set the APN to hologram on the tracker?

I have this tracker: K8 Portable GPRS GPS Vibration Real-time Tracking. How do I define the APN to the hologram on the tracker?

Usually with trackers like that you have to send it an SMS with the APN name. You can send the SMS from our dashboard. For the exact format of the message, take a look at the manual that comes with the tracker.

Tracker, has an IMEI number. With this number, I put it in the “FINDME” app I downloaded from the Play Store and with the sim card that I have the phone, I connect normally. This APN can I find it? Is there a Sim Hologram card?

Someone posted a manual that might help here:

Click on the device on the hologram dashboard and try sending the following SMS:

If that doesn’t work you should try contacting the company that made the tracker.

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