Does the SIM7080 have ME (flash) storage on the chip for SMS messages?

Here’s why I ask … got three text messages in a row, my sim card was nearly full so here’s what PuTTY displayed as they came in:

+CMTI: “SM”,29

+CMTI: “ME”,0

+CMTI: “ME”,1

So the first message filled the last spot on the sim (SM), and the next two went to flash (ME) … but how do I get to that?

When I use the command “AT+CPMS=?” to see all the possible storage options, all I get is the sim:

+CPMS: (“SM”),(“SM”),(“SM”)

And if I try to set the storage option to flash to read the texts, I get an error:


Puzzling, so, anyone know how to select ME storage where those two messages supposedly went to? Is there actually an ME storage option, or did those messages just go into the ether? I’m thinking the ether, but hoping someone knows for sure.

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