Dropped TCP connection A6 Module (GPRS)


Hi Hologram Community!

I’ve been testing the 2G networks in the UK with one of the A6 GPRS modules and have managed to get my module connected up to the hologram servers but I seem to be having an issue where my TCP connection is dropped after a few seconds. I initialise the IP stack and believe I have the correct credentials for the APN details but after making the connection to the Hologram server, I’m told that the TCP connection has been closed.

Any ideas what might be going wrong here?




Thanks for reaching out. Can you walk us through in detail how you’re connecting to our socket server and how you’re formatting messages via our Hologram Data Engine Embedded API? The socket connection from the server remains open for message transmission and response before closing. If just connecting without sending a payload the socket will close on its own based on a timeout as you might be seeing.

Let us know if you have any other questions.




Now that you mention the timeout, I believe this is what is happening! I was attempting to send a message line by line using a serial terminal to talk to the A6. Apparently I’m not fast enough at typing them in to beat the timeout! :grin:

Will try this again with hooking it up to an Arduino!