EC21-V Verizon Band Cat 1 LTE on T-Mobile?


I activated my Hologram SIM and plugged it up to my EC21-V cellular module. Couple of weird things that I don’t understand.

  1. The module took like 24 hours of fiddling before it said “connected” at which point I could get data across. Will it always take this long for the initial registration to the network?
  2. The IMEI that shows in my portal doesn’t match the IMEI of the module. Oddly enough it is off by just the last couple of digits.
  3. The EC21-V is a Verizon specific (B4/B13) module. So, I’m not really following why the module says its connected to T-Mobile. Shouldn’t it only connect to Verizon? Is this some sort of roaming?
  4. In the portal it shows a tower that I’m connected to, which is probably about 45 minutes from me… is that just some sort of anomaly?
  5. Are the High Bandwidth plans in the US only on T-Mobile or do they work across all carriers in the US?



Hey Timothybean,

Please see my answers to your questions below:

  1. The first registration takes the longest as everything is fresh, after that most of the relevant information is stored on the SIM so future registration should be snappy. If you go somewhere completely different it might take a tad longer again. Having said that 24 hours is way longer than normal. Usually first registration is 5-10 minutes, but that all depends on the hardware, firmware, your location, signal strength, and a bunch of other factors.
  2. The IMEI information we provide is a cross referenced assumption based on a data base we are part of so this could be a situation where we have information on your modem’s family, but not the specific variation.
  3. Band 4 is shared across several carriers. Verizon is the only carrier on Band 13 so your device can technically connect to other carriers. Hologram’s network is comprised of 550+ carriers so you need to have roaming enabled.
  4. Like #2 the location we provide is a triangulation based on the towers you are near so this will give you an approximation, not necessarily the exact location. Additionally, location triangulation via cellular has a 1km radius resolution, so this feature is designed to give you a ballpark estimation of your device’s location. If you need higher resolution, we highly recommend using GPS.
  5. Our High Bandwidth plans are T-Mobile only. However, you can contact if you have specific needs beyond T-Mobile only HBW Plans.


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