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We are using Quectel EC25 with our LTE modules that we designed.
We don’t have any problem with sim card, but we want to use embedded eSIM solution.

We bought SIM-E-MFF2-GL-250 from Mouser and integrate to our LTE module.

The problem is we cannot register to the LTE network at Turkey.
How can i use local operators like Vodafone or Turkcell with SIM-E-MFF2-GL-250?
I have SM-DP+ Address / Activation Code of a local operator but I don’t know how to enter this info to eSIM.

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You should activate the SIM on the Hologram Dashboard the same as all of our other SIM cards. The ICCID is printed in very tiny letters on the chip or just readable by the modem with the AT+CCID command.
I’m not totally sure which operators we have coverage on in Turkey but the SIM will have roaming access to something once it is activated.

Hi Reuben,

Is this the correct place to activate the eSIM for SIM-E-MFF2-GL-250?

As your connectivity partner and provider, we make it easier by giving you access to local operators just by activating our SIM on the Hologram Dashboard. No need to program the eSIM yourself.

For access in Turkey, please contact our Sales team as access does require a custom plan. If you have running into issues activating your specific SIM, please reach out to our Support team and they’ll get you up and running.


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