enable disable tunneling via api

Been looking all through the forums, just need api command to enable/disable tunneling.
We have over 500 devices and too many with tunneling enabled caused an issue.
This happened a year ago, and since then we only enable a few at a time.

Also would like to know the max number of devices you can have tunneling enabled for.


It’s on the /devices call.
Specifically, you’ll do a PUT to /devices/<deviceid> with the parameter tunnelable set to 1 or 0.
I’ll make a note to add this to our API docs.

Thanks for the quick answer Reuben,
also is there a maximum number of devices that can have tunneling enabled ?

I think we recommend keeping it under 200 right now. We have a task on the roadmap to get that increased but not sure on when we’ll be able to get to it

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